Aldersgate United Methodist Church


Arraying the Worship Center

The word ‘array’ refers to adorning or dressing a place or person in finery or splendid attire for a special occasion. Upon entering our worship center, one is struck by the intentional placement of colorful cloth and other items in various areas. Arraying the worship center at Aldersgate is done purposefully to engage us visually as we worship God. The arrayments are one of many ways we are encouraged to connect with God through our senses.

The colors used are based on the liturgical seasons of the church year. Chosen items often refer to a biblical story. Various forms upon which to arrange or hang cloth and some pre-made items like stars, rocks and butterflies are incorporated into the arrayments. It’s all done by various church members who want to invite all of us to a time of ‘awe’.

Varies, contact the Church office for details

Other Information: 
We welcome anyone who is interested to join us in arraying the worship center!