Aldersgate United Methodist Church


FaithLink is an adult study for individuals and groups that want to explore their United Methodist beliefs in the context of current faith issues and world events. The weekly discussions of news, cultural issues, and church teachings help in connecting Life and Faith. FaithLink motivates Christians to consider their personal views on important issues and encourages them to act on their beliefs. Each issue contains four pages of background information and core Bible passages on the current topic, plus two pages of suggested activities and discussion questions.

A sample copy of FaithLink is available at:

Sundays from 9:40 a.m. to 10:40 a.m. in Room 4.

Other Information:
Early in the week, the group leader sends a copy of that week’s FaithLink article to participants via e-mail. (Don’t have email? We can make other arrangements.) This gives everyone the chance to read and think about the issue. Our discussions can be lively, thought-provoking, often fun and sometimes distressful. The only rules are to show respect for each other and follow the United Methodist motto of “Open Hearts and Open Minds.” Please Join Us! Bring a friend!