Aldersgate United Methodist Church

Friday Fling

Friday Fling is a monthly get-together of adults to share a potluck meal, play cards, and share one another's company.

On the third Friday of most months, individuals and couples meet at 7:00 p.m. Members volunteer to host the gathering in their home or at the church. The host provides the beverages and dinnerware. Attendees provide a dish to share for the meal. After eating, the group is broken down into groups of four or five to play a card game, usually 10-Point Pitch. (The host may select any card game they desire.) The host provides the decks of playing cards, paper and pencils for individual and table score keeping, and four simple prizes. Each table is assigned a ranking, "high" to "low". At the conclusion of each round, the two winning players at each table advance to the next higher table. The losing players at the high table must move to the low table. After several rounds of play, cumulative individual scores are tabulated, and the host awards prizes to the two male and two female guests with the highest and lowest scores.

Other Information:
Card playing expertise is NOT required; card players of all experience levels are welcome. Aldersgate members and non-members are welcome. Contact the Church Office for upcoming meeting locations.