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The Vision
Aldersgate United Methodist Church has 1.9 acres of land surrounding the church facilities. Public streets border three sides of the property.   Aldersgate Gardens represents a project to convert the 1.9 acres of green space into a sustainable landscape.

The vision is for an intensively landscaped park that serves the neighborhood, benefits wildlife, and reduces lawn care.  A new playground with natural features and paths leading to the playground from two side streets are part of the long range plan.

Part of the vision, too, is offering solace through nature.   “The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature, and God.  And I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.”  -- Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl


51 Trees
In the spring of 2017, with the assistance of several grants, Aldersgate Gardens added 51 trees, representing 30 different species.  The varieties with quantities and general location include:

American Sentry Linden (1) – Southwest
Eastern White Pine (5) – Northwest
Exclamation London Plane Tree (1) – Pinedale Ave.
Fernleaf Buckthorn (1) – Pinedale Ave.
Frans Fontaine Hornbeam (3) – Raingarden
Golden Glory Cornelian Cherry Dogwood (3) – Pinedale 
Golden Rain Tree (1) – Southwest
Green Vase Zelkova (2) – South St.
Hackberry (1) – South St.
Harvest Gold Crabapple (3) – Pinedale Ave  
Ironwood Ostrya (1) – South St.
Kentucky Coffee Tree (2) – Pinedale Ave.
Moraine Sweetgum (1) – Pinedale Ave.
New Horizon Elm (1) – Northwest
Northern Catalpa (1) – Southwest
Norway Spruce (3) – Northwest and Pinedale Ave.
Ohio Buckeye (1) – South St.
Overcup Oak (1) – Southwest
Prairie Gold Aspen (1) – Raingarden
Royal Frost Birch (1) – Pinedale Ave.
Royal Raindrops Crabapple (3) – Pinedale Ave.
Royal Star Magnolia (1) – South St.
Royal White Whitebud (1) – Pinedale Ave.
Sawtooth Oak (1) – Northwest
Shawnee Brave Bald Cypress (1) – Raingarden
SugarTyme Crabapple (3) – South St.
Trident Maple (2) – South St.
Tulip Tree (1) – Pinedale Ave.
Weeping Mulberry (1) – Southwest
Windover Gold Ginkgo (3) - Pinedale Ave; parking lot


Future Landscaping Plans
Below is a list of areas that will be landscaped in 2018 and beyond.  Selection of plants will continue to emphasize benefits to wildlife and sustainability.

1. Front entrance
2. Parking lot entrances
3. Area around lighted sign at 84th and South Street
4. Area at base of white cross
5. Renovate Hutchinson Garden (east of sanctuary)
6. Prayer/serenity garden (north of Fellowship Hall)
7. Pinedale Avenue corridor 
8. New playground and paths
9. Parking lot buffer
10. South of sanctuary
11. Fill-in (eliminate areas of lawn by adding plants and mulch)
12. Entrance signs on South Street and Pinedale Avenue


Tree Care Workshop 

Saturday 12/9/2017, 9 a.m. to Noon
Aldersgate UMC, 8320 South Street, Lincoln

Instructor:  Lorri Grueber, Community Outreach Forester, Lincoln Parks and Recreation.  

Learn About:  Planting, watering, pruning, pests and diseases.  Pruning methods will be a major focus. 

Cost:  Free, but pre-registration is required (Contact Us)  

Raingarden List of Plants
Download a brochure that lists all of the plants in the raingarden, with pictures and key growth characteristics.   Raingarden_List_of_Plants.pdf
785.4 KB


Landscape Plan for 2018 is now available: