Aldersgate United Methodist Church

Pastor Joseph

Pastor Joseph Rafique....

Pastor Joseph is a native of Pakistan. In Pakistan he completed seminary, was ordained, and served for 15 years as a Dominican Priest. As a priest Pastor Joseph studied Spiritual Theology for a year at Angelicum University in Rome, Italy and for two years at the Dominican House of Studies, as well as its affiliated schools in Washington, D.C.

From 1987 to 1991 Pastor Joseph taught at Christ the King Seminary in Karachi, Pakistan. From 1992 to 1995 Pastor Joseph began a radio ministry at Radio Veritas Asia in Quezon City, Philippines.

Pastor Joseph was brought to Lincoln, NE by multicultural work, which led him to the United Methodist Church, which he has served since 2005. By profession, Pastor Joseph is a Methodist clergy, but wherever Christ is preached is his church!

Pastor Joseph is not only fluent in Pakistani language (Urdu) and English, he also speaks Punjabi, Hindi, and can read and write in Persian. Pastor Joesph also has a working knowledge of Islam.

Some of Pastor Joseph's hobbies include sports (he coached a soccer league for several years), reading, and gardening.

Pastor Joseph would love to meet you, hear about your life, and support you in your faith journey.