Aldersgate United Methodist Church

Ushers and Greeters

Would you like to be able to speak to everyone who comes to church? Aldersgate’s volunteer greeters and ushers are often the first persons a newcomer meets so they play a very important role in expressing hospitality.

What We Do:
Greeters stand in the narthex about 20 minutes before a service begins and welcome people as they arrive. They are encouraged to wear their name tags and a smile! We have a Guest Book nearby which a visitor may sign.

Ushers take their cues from the Order of Worship bulletin. To start with, during "Welcome and Announcements" they distribute to each row the maroon color attendance registers which are found on the back table. They get a "head count" sometime during the service and record the number on a card provided on the back table. They help facilitate offering collection. After the benediction ushers open the doors to the sanctuary. Then they begin gathering up the attendance registers from each row, tearing out the top sheets and leaving them on the table in the office. Leftover bulletins are taken to the office's "recycled paper" box.