The playground at Aldersgate Gardens has something to interest children of many ages.  It features a 6’x10’ sandpit, separate swing sets for toddlers and older children, a hill slide, and a two-level fort with a slide and small sandbox.  A fenced-in area provides boundaries for younger children.  There is a basketball hoop in the parking lot. 

A unique aspect of the playground is incorporation of nature-based elements, especially the many trees, shrubs, and other plants in the park-like setting.  A sizeable log and sections from a large oak tree in the pre-school play area encourage climbing and balancing.  Outside the fence are boulders, plenty of areas to explore, and a rain garden with a small pool of water.  Eventually, the water feature may be home to small turtles and frogs. 

Parking is available in the parking lot at 84th and South Street or on the side streets.  All-weather paths lead to the playground from the sidewalks on South Street and Pinedale Avenue. The paths and safe surface in the fenced-in play area will support strollers, walkers, trikes, and wheelchairs. 

Restrooms are available in the church building through the main entrance, but only during business hours. 

Aldersgate Gardens and the playground are open to the public – everyone is welcome.  Rules for using Aldersgate Gardens and Playground are simple: Do No Harm, Do Good, and Love Nature. 

Future plans include a new swing set for older children, outdoor fitness equipment, and perhaps a frisbee golf course.

For more information contact [email protected] or call 402-489-1510.