Faith and Family Day at Haymarket Park

Image of people in baseball stands

Sunday July 14, 2024

Aldersgate Families are invited to Faith and Family Day at Haymarket Park.  There will be a variety of entertainment planned for the day.  

Schedule of events include:

11:00-11:15 live church band on the concourse
11:20-11:50 non denominational church service behind 3rd base dugout (I have been told some of the Saltdog players attend)
12:00-12:30 bring your gloves to play catch in the outfield
Saltdog players will sign autographs and there will be a bake sale
1:05 Game time
Aldersgate Family Ministry budget will allow purchase of berm seating tickets (see image below for seating locations) for all those who RSVP by July 10th, 2024 to Colleen Nielsen by calling or texting your name and the number of tickets needed to Colleen at 402-525-0303 or emailing her at [email protected] or by contacting the church office.  If you want to upgrade your ticket to lower or upper reserved seating (where you can sit in a stadium seat) you may take your ticket to the ticket office at the stadium and pay the upgrade fee.  
Colleen will be available at the church Sunday July 14th from 9:30-10:30 to distribute the tickets for those who RSVP’d.  If you can not make it to Aldersgate UMC at that time please make arrangements with Colleen to pick up your tickets at the time to be determined by the interested parties.  
We hope to see you there….GO DOGS!!!! 

Seating Information:


Haymarket Park Clear Bag Policy:

Haymarket Park implements a clear bag policy for all sporting and outside events, including Saltdogs games. Fans are encouraged to bring only necessary items into Haymarket Park in a clear plastic bag.


• Clear Plastic Bag (12″ x 6″ x 12″)
• Small Clutch Bag (4.5″ x 6.5″)
• One Gallon Clear Plastic Freezer Bag
• Blankets (Carried in on the shoulder)
• Small Camera WITHOUT case
• Binoculars WITHOUT case
• Hand-Held Radios & TVs
• Infant Feeding Supplies
• Empty Plastic Water Bottle
• Seat Cushion (No larger than 16″ x 16″, no arms, no zippers)


• Purses
• Backpacks
• Clear Backpacks
• Tinted Plastic Bags
• Printed Pattern Plastic Bags
• Oversized Tote Bags
• Mesh Bags
• Diaper Bags
• Camera Cases
• Binocular Cases
• Fanny Packs
• Umbrellas
• Lawn Chairs